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29th May 2022 

Fertility Reflexology

If you have been trying to conceive for 12 months or more this can be classed as infertility or sub fertility. This can happen when you are trying for your first baby (primary infertility) or if you are having difficulty conceiving for the second time (secondary infertility). There are a proportion of cases when after further investigation no reason is found. This is classed as unexplained infertility.

There can be many reasons for the difficulty in conceiving but it is important that both partners are in the best health that they can be.

Both men and women can be affected by infertility but it is usually the female partner who starts any investigations or lifestyle changes.

I have completed several courses relating to Fertility Reflexology. The most recent being a Seren Natural Fertility course which focuses on the reproductive and hormonal systems to enhance your chances of conceiving and allows me to work with both the male and female partners if that is required. The protocols also allow me to work with fully medicated cycles of IUI, IVF, ICSI and treatments such as clomid as well as donor eggs/sperm. To visit Seren Natural Fertility Click Here

On your first visit I take full details about your current health and fertility issues and would then advise on the best way to proceed with treatment.

As a member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (ARR) I am specially trained to work alongside medicated cycles using treatment protocols that we believe work to enhance the efficacy of the medications. To visit ARR Click Here